Call for Community Events

Submission Deadline: Friday, April 5, 2024

We're launching a unique opportunity to shape the CCN experience, called Community Events. Submit your idea for an event that ignites curiosity, fosters connections, and tackles topics that are of high relevance to the field, albeit not necessarily about cognitive computational neuroscience per se (e.g., topics including, but not limited to, open science, climate, career and culture will be considered, along with science-related topics like new benchmarking challenges or hackathons). We encourage submissions with novel or unusual formats. Think beyond traditional presentations: propose interactive round tables, collaborative hackathons, competitions, chalk talks, or something else.

  • A Community Event can be between 45 and 90 minutes in length.
  • The target audience should be a sizable proportion of CCN attendees, from MS & PhD students, to postdocs and PIs.
  • Participation should not require special knowledge that isn’t widely represented in the community. Events should aim to be inclusive and interesting to a wide audience.

Application Details

Applications can be made either by individuals or groups.

A submission should be a single PDF with a 2-page limit that includes:

  • Title If selected, this is the title that will be announced in the program. Please consider this in selecting a title and aim to avoid titles that are too vague or too niche.
  • Abstract (1-2 paragraphs): If selected, this abstract will be used to announce your community event. Please keep this in mind as you prepare your abstract, as not everyone at CCN will be an expert in your field. A succinct abstract that clearly states the research problems and approach can help get the CCN community excited about your event.
  • Outline (1-3 paragraphs), in narrative form, explaining what the event will look like, and what its main learning goals are.
  • Audience and Accessibility (1-3 Paragraphs): details about for whom this event will be most useful and how you plan to make it interesting, how many attendees the format would be for, and what background knowledge is required or helpful.
  • Requirements Everything you’d need from CCN: room size and setup (lecture hall, small tables,...), AV requirements etc.
  • List of Organizers A list of people involved, their roles, and confirmation that each person will attend CCN 2024 in person. Describe the background of people involved and their expertise in the relevant area. Include a reference to relevant publications.
  • A Link (if available) to previously given tutorials or similar teaching presentations or recordings.

Submission Method

As part of the submission process, you will upload a single PDF file that should not exceed two pages in length. You will need to have the email addresses of all co-applicants that are part of the proposal. By typing their names you confirm that everyone is willingly part of this proposal application, and we will email confirmation to all co-applicants.

Selection Process

The program committee will select a limited number of submissions (usually 1-2) for presentation at the conference and results will be announced mid May.

To Submit a Community Event

  1. Log In or Create an Account.
  2. If you have not completed your Account Profile, you will be asked to do so.
  3. From your Account home page, click 'Submit a Community Event' and complete the submission form.


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