Call for Papers

Call for Papers for CCN 2024 Have Closed.

Submission Deadline: Friday, April 12, 2024
Paper Submissions Deadline Extended through Friday, April 19, 2024.

Preparing Your Paper

Papers may be no longer than 2 pages, including body text and figures. (The title, author listing, acknowledgements, and references do not count towards the 2-page limit.)

Please use the latex or word templates provide below, and follow the style requirements described therein.

Online Submission

Papers must be submitted in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) format. To accommodate the double-blind review process, you will upload both an anonymous version and authored version of your paper in PDF format. For the anonymous version, you can redact author names or remove the authors section.

Review Process

CCN requests that first and last authors participate in the review process (all academic levels are welcome). Middle authors are welcome to opt in and contribute reviews. After submission closes, you will be assigned approximately 6-8 submissions to review. You will be notified of assignments, along with reviewer instructions, by email.

Decision Process

CCN aims to accept as many submissions as possible, but some abstracts may need to be rejected if the number of submissions exceeds available poster room space at the venue.

A small number of presentations will be selected for an oral presentation. Acceptance notifications will go out first, and oral notifications will follow a week or so later, so stay tuned.


CCN 2024 requires that each accepted paper be presented by one of the authors in-person at the conference site according to the schedule published. (Any paper accepted into the technical program, but not presented on-site will have to be withdrawn from the official proceedings.)

If your submission is accepted as an oral, note that you will present both a poster and a short oral presentation on the work.


By submitting your abstract to CCN 2024, you agree to have the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Deed License applied to your work. Under this license, you as the author agree that anyone can copy, distribute, or reuse your article in whole or part for any purpose, for free, as long as the author and original source are properly cited. This facilitates freedom of re-use and ensures that content can be mined without restriction.

CCN places no restrictions on future reuse or publication of content contained within a CCN paper.


  • Can I be first author on more than one presentation?
    • Yes. However, you are limited to a single presentation at the conference. A co-author must present the other poster.
  • Can I send an abstract to CCN based on my work from an already published paper?
    • Work in review or in press at the time of CCN submission is acceptable.  Work that is published at the time of the CCN submission is not.
  • If I send something to CCN that is accepted, does that mean I cannot publish it somewhere else?
    • We envision these 2-page CCN papers as something that exists prior to a future, longer journal article.  Like a pre-print though, a CCN paper can serve as citable content while the publication process is ongoing.

To Submit a Paper

  1. Log In or Create an Account.
  2. If you have not completed your Account Profile, you will be asked to do so.
  3. From your Account home page, click 'Submit a Paper' and complete the submission form.
  4. To support double-blind review, Paper submissions require that you upload two manuscript PDF: one authored and one anonymized.


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