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The official app of Boston Logan International Airport is your essential travel companion.  Travel like a frequent flier, even if it’s your first time at BOS, with the FlyLogan app.

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  • Find general information about Boston Logan, from transportation options to lost and found.
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Public Transportation

Getting to and from Boston Logan on public transit is convenient and efficient. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) provides several public transportation services to and from Boston Logan, including the Blue Line, the Silver Line 1 (SL1), and the Water Ferry.

To access public transportation from Boston Logan, go to the Arrivals level and follow signage for Ground Transportation.

  • For Blue Line access, follow signage for our On-Airport Shuttle and take Route 22, 33, 55, or 66 to Airport Station.
  • For Silver Line 1 (SL1) access, follow signage for the Silver Line 1 (SL1), which will pick you up at the terminal curb.
  • For Water Ferry access, follow signage for our On-Airport Shuttle and take Route 66 to the Water Transportation Dock.

By opting for public transportation, you help to reduce traffic congestion and promote environmental sustainability. Thank you for considering this option for travel to and from Boston Logan.

MBTA Blue Line

The Blue Line subway connects downtown Boston directly to the airport. Once travelers reach Airport Station, terminals at Boston Logan are just a free shuttle ride away.

The Blue Line connects to the Orange Line at State Street and to the Green Line at Government Center. The Blue Line is your best route to Back Bay, Downtown Boston, Fenway Park, Boston University, Northeastern University, Boston College, Brookline, the Longwood Medical Area, Newton, and North Station.

For service and fare information, visit the MBTA.

MBTA Silver Line 1 (SL1)

The MBTA’s Silver Line 1 (SL1) goes directly to all terminals and connects Boston Logan to Boston’s South Station. This option is free for travelers from the airport to downtown.

For live schedule information at the terminals, please visit our Bus Locator.

The Silver Line 1 (SL1) includes a free transfer to the Red Line. The Silver Line 1 (SL1) is your best route to Downtown Boston, South Station, the Seaport District, Cambridge, Harvard University, Massachusetts General Hospital, and MIT.

For service and fare information, visit the MBTA.

MBTA Water Ferry

The MBTA offers year-round water ferry service between Boston Logan’s Water Transportation Dock and Boston’s Long Wharf, and Hull and Hingham on the South Shore. Passengers can take the free On-Airport Shuttle (Route 66) to and from the Water Transportation Dock and the terminals.

For more information about water transportation to and from Boston Logan, visit our Water Transportation page.

For service, schedule, and fare information, visit the MBTA.

Taxi Service

At Boston Logan, taxis are available on the Arrivals level at Terminals A, B, C and E. Taxis at Boston Logan have designated stands, and taxi dispatchers are present in all terminals to assist you in finding transportation from Boston Logan.

Arriving passengers can find a taxi by following signage for Ground Transportation and Taxi. During peak travel times, there may be longer wait times for taxis.

Ride Apps / Uber, Lyft

Uber and Lyft are popular ride app services that provide convenient ground transportation to and from Boston Logan International Airport. Boston Logan’s Ride App Pickup is located in a designated area for app-based ride services. Passengers should follow signs for Ride App/Uber/Lyft from the terminals on both overhead and underfoot signage.

Boston Logan Ride App Pickup Locations

Passengers using a ride app service may only be picked up in areas designated for ride app vehicles. Request a ride on a ride app once you get your luggage from baggage claim. Please find the designated areas for each terminal below.

Uber/Lyft at Boston Logan map

Ride App Pickup at Terminal A 
Follow signs to the Central Parking Garage, where Terminal A pickup and drop-off areas are located.

Ride App Pickup at Terminal B
Terminal B ride app pickup and drop-off is now located on Level 2 (Departures) of the Terminal B Parking Garage. Follow signs to the ride app area.

Ride App Pickup at Terminal C
Follow signs to the Central Parking Garage, where Terminal C pickup and drop-off areas are located.

Ride App Pickup at Terminal E 
Follow signs to the Central Parking Garage, where Terminal E pickup and drop-off areas are located.

How to Book Your Ride App/Uber/Lyft at Boston Logan

  1. After collecting your luggage and/or clearing customs, proceed to the designated ground transportation area.
  2. Open the Uber or Lyft app on your mobile device and request a ride, specifying your terminal as the pickup location.
  3. Look for signs or markings indicating Ride App.
  4. Follow the signage to locate the designated pickup area for Uber and Lyft.
  5. Once a driver is assigned, the app will provide you with information about the driver and their estimated arrival time.
  6. Proceed to the designated pickup area and wait for your assigned driver to arrive.
  7. Confirm the driver’s identity and destination before getting into the vehicle.

Accessible Ride App

Passengers with disabilities going to or coming from Boston Logan can choose to be picked up and dropped off in the Central Parking Garage, at the Terminal B Parking Garage, or continue on to the accessible locations at the terminal curb areas.

Water Transportation Services at Boston Logan

Water transportation is a scenic and convenient way to get to Boston Logan International Airport from points around Boston Harbor and the South Shore.

Our water transportation partners offer both scheduled routes and on-demand services to Boston Logan’s Water Transportation Dock. From the dock, the airport is just a quick free shuttle ride away.

Boston Logan Ferry Service

MBTA Hingham/ Hull—Logan Airport—Long Wharf Ferry (F2H)

Phone: 617-222-6999 or 617-222-3200

High-speed everyday service connecting Hingham and Hull to Boston’s Long Wharf and Boston Logan International Airport. Visit:


Ferry approaching a dock

Winthrop Ferry


Phone: 781-686-409

Weekday service connecting Winthrop, Quincy, Seaport (Fan Pier), Aquarium/Financial District, and Boston Logan International Airport. Visit:




Water Taxi Services

Ferry leaving a dock

Boston Water Bus

Phone: 866-307-2469

The Boston Water Bus provides scheduled service Monday through Friday, 8:15 AM to 5:15 PM, and services Boston Logan, Long Wharf in downtown Boston. Visit:





Small passenger boat approaching

Boston Water Taxi

Phone: 617-406-8584

Red Top Boats offers on-demand water taxi service throughout Boston Harbor, including downtown, Charlestown, East Boston, and the Seaport District. Call to request your ride once you are on the On-Airport Shuttle. Visit:




View from inside a water taxi boat

Finding Water Transportation at Boston Logan

Passengers looking for water transportation from Boston Logan can take the Route 66 On-Airport Shuttle to the Water Transportation Dock. Follow signage for Ground Transportation to the terminal curb, then board the Route 66 shuttle.

Passengers traveling to Boston Logan can board the On-Airport Shuttle to all terminals at the Water Transportation Dock.




Ticket to Skip

Take water transportation or Back Bay Logan Express to the airport and avoid the line at security! Ask your driver for a "Ticket to Skip" and skip to the front of the security line once you check-in at your terminal. Click here for more information.

On-Airport Shuttle

Boston Logan’s free On-Airport Shuttle system provides connections between the airline terminals, the Rental Car Center, the Water Transportation Dock, and Airport Station on the MBTA Blue Line for passengers. All Massport shuttle buses are equipped with low floors for easier boarding, luggage racks, and wheelchair lifts.

The shuttles serving all terminals, the MBTA Airport Station (Blue Line), and Boston Logan’s Rental Car Center generally run every 5 to 6 minutes.

Passengers can find our blue shuttle buses curbside on the lower level of each terminal. Follow signage for Ground Transportation, then look for “Shuttle Bus” on the terminal curb. Curbside signage indicates where each route stops.

Route 11
All Terminals: A, B, C, E
(9:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily)

Route 22
Terminals A, B
MBTA Airport Station (Blue Line)
Rental Car Center
(9:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily)

Route 33
Terminals C, E
MBTA Airport Station (Blue Line)
Rental Car Center
(9:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily)

Route 55
All Terminals: A, B, C, E
MBTA Airport Station (Blue Line)
Rental Car Center
(During early morning and late evening off-peak hours)

Route 66 
All Terminals: A, B, C, E
MBTA Airport Station (Blue Line)
Logan Office Center
Water Transportation Dock (Water Ferry and Water Taxis)
(5:00 AM to 11:00 PM daily)

Route 88
All Terminals: A, B, C, E
Economy Parking Garage
MBTA Airport Station (Blue Line, inbound to terminals)
(24 hours)

Boston Logan On-Airport Shuttle Routes

Boston Logan On-Airport Shuttle Route Map